The Cast

Needs no introduction


F. Dale Sanders, is a multiple Guinness world record holder, spear fisherman athlete of the year, river angel, parks, and recreation professional. He has set age records on the Mississippi River, Appalachian Trail, Florida Trail, Pinhoti Trail, and in the Grand Canyon. 

Read more about Dale’s incredible journey here. 

Expedition Leader

Matt Briggs

Matt Briggs was the expedition leader on this Mississippi River Guinness Age record paddle and he agreed to serve as the Specialist Witness for Guinness. His qualifications include familiarity with the river. Also, his previous paddling of the Mississippi River, Source to Sea is already in his resume. He has personally hiked the the Appalachian trail, the Continental Divide Trail, the Florida trail and the Pinhoti Trail. Two of those trails with Dale. We thank Matt for his service. He served in Iraq, US Army, in support of the Global War on Terrorism. Matt was the first to come forward and join this expedition. We are so fortunate to have him on board.

Guinness Witness

Dan Faust

Dan Faust grew up on a family farm in the heart of Illinois, not far from the Vermilion River in Livingston County. Dan’s first canoe trip was a 100 mile journey down the swollen Spoon River during the Summer of 1969, when he joined the local Boy Scout Troop. During the next half century Dan would continue to paddle and explore rivers and streams throughout the Midwest.
Dan now lives on the banks of the Vermilion River in Pontiac, IL with his wife ( Carol ) and daughter ( Jennifer ).
Ultimately, Dan’s paddling forays would lead him on a Source to Sea journey down the Mississippi River in the Summer of 2021. It was such a wonderful experience that Dan wanted to repeat it again, only this time paddling with Dale.
Dan was the Guinness Independent Witness helping Dale prove that he did in fact actually paddle the Mississippi River, from Lake Itasca to The Gulf of Mexico between June 14 through September 8, 2022. And Dan acted as Dale’s Social Media Coordinator and much, much more. We are so pleased Dan agreed to join the Expedition.

Matt Taylor

Matthew Taylor was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up, his exposure to the outdoors was limited to the occasional fishing trip and reading a Cabela’s catalog.  In 1994 and while still a junior in high school, he enlisted in the Army Reserve and attended Basic Training that summer.  The following year he joined the Active Army, and never looked back. For the next 22 years, the Army provided him the adventure he was seeking, with four combined combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan before he finally retired from active duty in 2018. 

In 2021, Matthew began looking for the next adventure. One late night, he stumbled upon Warrior Expedition, a veterans group that provides extended hiking, biking and paddling adventures for combat veterans seeking to reset their minds. After nine months of waiting, he was selected as part of Warrior Expeditions 2022 Mississippi Source to Sea Veterans team. On June 18th, the inexperienced group of four Veterans launched just three days after Team Greybeard began their adventure and for the five weeks the two teams would often leap frog each other down the river.

On July 23rd, the Warrior Expedition team split up. Looking to continue to challenge himself and learn from other experienced paddlers, Matthew was accepted into the Greybeard team. From then on, he attempted to keep pace with the team despite having less skill and a slower canoe. On September 8th, Matthew completed his source to sea adventure with team Greybeard and became to the first Warrior Expedition member to complete the Mississippi River via the South Pass.

Matthew currently resides in Clarksville TN with his wife and has a son who is currently serving abroad with the US Navy. When not outdoors paddling, hunting or fishing, he can be found working part-time in the outdoor industry somewhere in Clarksville. Matthew is currently planning another paddling adventure, this time in 2024 from the source of the Missouri River in Three Forks, Montana to his hometown in Clarksville (nicknamed S2C). The great outdoors are not just hobbies for him. They’re a passion in which he never stops trying to promote as a way to change others for the better.

Matthew J. Taylor

SSG, US Army (Retired)

“Live, Love, Laugh, Learn and (most importantly), Listen”

Morale Manager


Meadow is Matt Biggs’ Pomeranian. She also set a record on this trip, becoming the first pomeranian to canoe down the entire Mississippi River. She served as morale manager on the team, cheering the paddlers up whenever there was sadness or tension in the air. She also kept the camp safe from intruders at night. 
The ones that made it happen, off the river!

Ground Support

Ground Support for 6+/- weeks!

Marv Kuziel

Ground Support for 2+/- weeks!

Todd McMahon

The ones who do it from the kindness of their hearts!

River Angels

Minnesota River Angels

Jeff and Sandy Bromenschenkel

Louisiana River Angel

A.J. Foret

Minnesota River Angel

Barry Lyons

Louisiana River Angels

David Smith, Mathew Heine

Minnesota River Angel

Janet Rith-Najarian

Dan's Wife, Supporter, Illinois River Angel

Carol Faust

Minnesota River Angel

Jim Wazlawick

Mississippi River Angels, Quapaw Canoe Company, Artists, Musicians

John Ruskey, Heather Crosse

Louisiana River Angel

Justine Demolle

Illinois River Angels

Kathy & Gene Woodward

Minnesota River Angels

Ron & Judy Vroom

Illinois River Angel

Peggy Robinson

So much paddling expertise and support

Additional Cast

Paddled the Mississippi with Dale in 2015

Richard Sojourner

Multiple thru-paddling record holder
Dale's Wife

Meriam Sanders

Dale's Sister

Dr. Elaine Sanders-Bush

Mississippi Thru-paddler

Joe Speldrich

Thru-paddler, Author, Artist

Ellen Kolbo-McDonah

Owner of Howard's Donuts

Todd Pruit

Previous Mississippi Age Record Holder

Stan Stark

Mississippi Thru-paddler, Youtuber
Long-distance Hiker

M.J. "Nimblewill Nomad" Eberhart

Dale's Son

James Sanders

Dale's Sister

Judi Silvey

Dale's Son

Jony Sanders

Tomfoolery Outdoors, Supporter
Pilot, Supporter

Frank Nun

Dale's Doctor

Dr. Steven Guben


Sandra Johnson-Brooks


George Meyer



Bartlett Art & Printing

Paul & Patricia Crum


Sandy Stacks

Dale's son in law, Supporter

Alison DaSilva

Dale's Grandson, Supporter

Isaiah DaSilva

Dale's Daughter, Supporter

Sunshine DaSilva

Dale's Granddaughter, Supporter

Bella DaSilva


Dana Guest


T-Mac & Rosemary White