Dale “GREYBEARD” Sanders took on the entire length of the Mississippi River by canoe, around 2,340 miles. He already held the record as the oldest person to paddle the river until an older gentleman took it away from him. Now that he’s 87 years old he paddled the river again to take that Guinness World Record back! While Dale paddled, a film crew followed him along the way. Although the film will take place on the river it will be covering much more than just the record-breaking paddle. It will take an in-depth look at Dale and his life. His accomplishments, his downfalls, and his ability to stay optimistic and agile. In other words the good, the bad, and the ugly.

A film by Wilderness Mindset: Alex Maier and Amy Robin, and Zak Rivers. In association with Barred Spiral Media.

The Word On The River Is...

  • Expectations were very high and the film certainly exceeded all those expectations. Wonderful production, a great story line, very funny at times, entertaining throughout, encouraging for young and old.

    For those already familiar with Dale’s contagious energy and adventurous spirit at 87 years old, the film reinforced that and opened up a deeper look into Dale’s genuine outlook on life.

    For those not familiar with Dale, the film is highly encouraging and demonstrates what is possible throughout a long life well lived. The film also emphasizes a fundamental element in reaching dreams and goals, in that teamwork and planning are essential to achieving worthwhile endeavors.

    Another element the film does a good job of revealing throughout is the importance of family, whether actually present, or vividly focused on can provide motivation, not only in Dale’s case but for all of those involved in the Mississippi journey.

    By the end of the film, I was already dreaming, hoping, planning and essentially psyching myself up for the next great adventure in my life.

    The film crew and all involved did a fantastic job! Certainly will be very interested in their next production project! Thanks for a splendid film.

    17 January 2023
  • This film is entertaining to say the least. From the quirky energy that Dale has to the events that take place. It is a film that is an inspiration to all. The Young and especially the old. Stay active, stay healthy, and live a long life. The artistic aspects of the film is one that I can appreciate and I am excited for when this film will be available for purchase.

    Not only does this film cover the humane aspect it also entails a little dogs journey as well and who doesn’t love to watch a dog on screen? If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything and this film certainly covers that!

    17 January 2023
  • Who amongst us has not dreamed of accomplishing a great feat? Dale Sanders not only dreams, but puts a goal in his sights, one foot in front of the other, one paddle stroke at a time, and makes it it happen. This film is extraordinary. Not only in capturing the essence of this man, but also in portraying the people and events that led up to and supported Dale’s efforts to recapture his world record. Visually stunning, my eyes never wanted to blink to ensure I missed nothing. Big kudos to the team of folks that were able to convert 87 days to minutes and let all who view this film feel like they were part of the journey. I look forward to experiencing it again.

    21 January 2023
  • An inspirational and entertaining telling of the life and times of Dale “Grey Beard” Sanders.

    This film follows Dale and his crew down the river, as Dale attempts to be the oldest person to paddle the entire length of the Mighty Mississippi, at the age of 87.

    Dale’s life is an interesting and intricate tale of overcoming hardships and obstacles. Follow along as Dale attempts to persevere through portages, log jams, headwinds, bugs, mud, heat, and illness. No one said it would be easy, but then … anything worthwhile rarely is.

    Joining Dale on this grand adventure are Matt Briggs ( and his dog – Meadow ), Dan Faust, and Matt Taylor.

    27 January 2023
  • I saw this film at its world premiere at the Lookout Wild Film Festival in Chattanooga, TN and it stole the show. This film goes beyond a typical paddling story and instead becomes the story of a man; one who happens to be working towards the world record to become the oldest person to paddle the Mississippi River from source to sea (again).

    Dale’s joy for both the pursuit and the success is infectious. He makes for a delightful center of the story with his humor and energy. The film doesn’t shy away from the realities of being an 87-year-old doing something most of us would never even consider. Dale’s representation feels honest in a way these types of films often fail to do.

    This film also highlights his many, many supporters who are the oft-neglected members of long journeys, be they on land or water.

    Beyond the spoken story is a beautiful example of visual story-telling in stunning cinematography and top-notch editing. You could watch the entire film with the sound off and still feel every touch of emotion.

    All in all, I would recommend this film to anyone who loves to love life.

    31 March 2023
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